Entry #1


2008-09-14 12:56:22 by JimmyGonzo

You will find my old Gory and absurd drawings HERE!

And some soundtrack stuff here:
Rocket head ( if you like progressive )
The Canons ( if you like intensity )
Air Zombies ( if you like horror )
Blind eyes ( if you liek the 80s and hip hop )

And heres some of my one man band project with vocals ( that you wont probably like if you have a closed mind! ( or listen only to techno and dnb ) ):
Welcome to Banana Republic ( if you like screaming and monkeys )
Count 2 5 ( if you like indie electronics )
RPSA ( If you like 8bit video games and chicks )
Addiction to fornication ( If you like opera on speed , sex and rave music )
Bon matin ( hum... if you like happy random music with death screams and pig screams....... hahem.. )
Sugar Rush ( if you like indie electro shizzle again ... and sugar ... and magnetophones ... and unfinished songs )

OH and keep in mind i have shitty gear , and im not a mastering god , i make music thats all.
I will eventualy get better gear AND learn some good mastering tricks.

OH and i love Cheap sounds with no reverb!
I come from the 8bit video game music generation , It fucked our ears and we loved it !
Deal with it .



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2008-12-24 00:08:00

I just peeped your "laggingpieceoshit test" submission. I didn't experience any lag even with you drawing the shot out as far as you did. Your styles seem pretty diverse from your animation to "raining knives" to some of your other doodles and work I've seen on the forums. Mad nice though, wish I had better shading skills & overall character design. I started a simliar flash short but with raining pianos. Stay motivated.


2008-12-24 00:41:00

Shit man thats a sick picture.


2010-06-21 11:35:00

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